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The Haitian Evangelical Cultural Network

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Lumiere Celebrates /  R a d i o L u m i è r e

56 ans
A Special Invitation for  Everyone,

This year the haitian evangelical and cultural network celebrates 56 years of existance. A number of activities will be offered to give thanks to God for his multiple blessings. To learn about the différent events and activities for the 56th anniversary Lumière Celebrates. Thank you in advance for your participation.

                                                    Horaire de l'émission:
                                                    Lundi - Mercredi: 8h - 9h  PM
                                                    Mardi: 9h - 10h

                                                    Sur 97.7 FM
                                                    Site Web:

R a d i o l u m i e r e  v o t r e r a d i o 

M' S E M O U N K A Y , M' P A P D O M I D E Y O


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