A Short History
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A Concise History

    Rev. David Hartt, a US missionary to Haiti with West Indies Mission had a dream. He wanted to reach Haiti for Christ by means of radio. But this was the early 50's and radio was in its infancy. His mission didn't think it would work. Finally in 1959 they agreed to let him try, as long as it didn't cost anything! So with a couple of microphones, a small mixer, and an old rebuilt WWII vintage AM transmitter Radio Lumière was born. The very first tests were actually aired Christmas 1958. But official broadcasting began February 20, 1959 from Cité Lumière near Les Cayes in southern Haiti.

    Radio Lumiere's original goals including training Christians in all of the West Indies Mission churches and to communicate with pastors across the work. To make it happen Pastor Hartt dreamed of putting transmitters in each main area where there were churches and then connect them with mountain top repeaters. But he wasn't just a dreamer. He put feet to his dreams. He climbed nearly every mountain in Haiti looking for good repeater sites. By the end of the sixties Radio Lumiere was covering the entire southern peninsula with Christian broadcasting.

    Then disastor struck when hurricane swept across Les Cayes and destroyed several of the antennas. But that didn't stop Radio Lumiere. In fact the missionaries decided it was time to move on to phase two. They moved the main studios to Port-au-Prince, to Cote Plage 16 where they still are today. The move was strategic. It not only placed the main radio outlet for the network in the center of the country, Port-au-Prince was also protected on the south and east by mountains. So it never gets a direct hit from any of the yearly tropical storms and hurricanes that sweap through the Caribbean.

    Today the Radio Lumiere network boasts of 10 AM and FM radio stations and covers 94% of the island with Christian broadcasting. More recent developments include the addition of a television station (Tele Lumiere) in 1992 and streaming on the Internet as early as 1996.

    Along with this significant grouth in terms of infra structure and coverage has come an equal emphasis on the content and programming for the network. Radio Lumiere is known throughout the country for its evangelistic and teaching programs, live broadcasts of religious evensts, its reliable news service, and many educational and cultural programs.

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