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The RTL Mission

 The purpose of Radio Tele Lumiere as defined by its mission is:

Evangelical : To present to every listener the person of Jesus Christ, His life, His death, His resurrection, His return, His power and His sovereign control of the universe as fundamental truths, and to then express these truths whenever possible using the Haitian's own cultural norms, in order to reach him and thus be able to help him.

- To teach the Word of God in such a way that it usefully applies to all of life's circumstances.

- To contribute to the prestige and influence of the Evangelical Church.

Cultural:   To create a climate in which the cultural mandate given to man by God will be understood, appreciated and applied by the individual in his/her situation, in such a way as to replace the fatalistic view that hinders progress.

- To promote Christian, classical, and other types of music which are uplifting to the soul.

- To present the major biblical themes and apply them to social and ethical norms in order to contribute to the development of an enlightened and transformed public opinion.

- To demonstrate love for our listeners by speaking with frankness, objectivity, and with discernment on general issues in such a way as to encourage justice, righteousness and also to promote the value of the individual and his dignity as a human being created in the image of God.

Educational: To demonstrate concern for our audience by offering them informational and educational programs designed to help him/her improve him/herself spiritually, morally, physically, socially, culturally and materially. These programs, either in content or in method of presentation will not discredit the Scriptures or the principles of Scripture but will promote the spread of the Gospel.

Social: In a society where a social security does not exist, Radio Lumière, both by  its mission and by its reputation, feels impelled  to help the poor, the rejected and those left to their own devices.  It is from this perspective that it is committed to "a social ministry" of visiting on a regular basis these forgotten people, living on the margins of society. Our spheres of action include especially the prisons, sanatoriums of hospitals, psychiatric centers, and old folks homes where food and health conditions are deficient or sometimes nonexistent. We bring them not only the Gospel of Salvation, but also as we are able food, clothing, toiletries, medicines and money.

Community:   Radio Lumiere, as a community radio station, also seeks to reach the largest possible number of listeners living outside the major cities. Community-based programs on health, hygiene, civic education, the environment, family, women, children, agriculture, natural disasters, etc. ...occupy a prominent place in Radio Lumiere's program schedule.

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Radio Lumière
Côte Plage 16, Carrefour
Port-au-Prince, Haiti
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This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(+509) 2816-7618, 3812-4074
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